We strive for happiness in every possible way except one. We miss the morning dew. Yes, the tiniest droplet of a compound of two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen ushers in a new beginning, a new world. It says that the world has gone round 360 degrees. All the happiness are bestowed at our feet every morning. But alas! we dump them every time. Happiness, indeed, comes in tiny particles rather than in one bucket.

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Silence of the Lambs

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A silent night lit only by the moonlight; dark open fields on both sides of the road, sometimes rows of unknown trees with flashes of glittering silver on their leaves; and an unknown road under the full moon. Feel the air blowing through the hair. Lavishly elegant!!!
Sunday evvening @ 8:30PM. Stereotyped and lazy Sunday evening. Aakash had nothing do but wonder what to do.
Same evening @ 9PM. He was travelling at 50kmph on a bike along the unbent stretch of the highway. He and his friend took a fulminant decision to travel on some unknown roads. And so here they are, uncertain of the end of their unknown errand.
When should we turn back”, his friend asked.
“See that distant road over there? We turn when that road meets ours”, replied Aakash through the rattling wind.
20mins into the journey, the road is becoming more and more marooned, and the journey exciting. Never before had Aakash gone on such a trip. He had only dreamed of something like this. An unruffled road, silent and spooky fields and a beautiful moon with chunks of white clouds surrounding it; the feeling is unexplainable. “You have to travel it to understand it.”
10 more minutes. They crossed a junction void of any human presence.  Going by the number of shops and an empty bus terminus, it can be easily said that it must be a busy place on normal days. But today it is nothing more than a forgotten territory. They stopped at a detour to ask the only human present what place that was. Aakash found it difficult to remember the name, so he decided not to try it. They lighted two cigars. There was a statue of some unknown and strange figure with his arms stretched at the juncture of the diversion. It appeared that the place was waiting for them. It was terribly silent and freakishly beautiful. Almost 9:45 and they decided, somewhat reluctantly, to turn back.
@ 10:10PM. They reached their hostel. It always happens that the return journey seems to take much shorter time after a beautiful trp. Today was no different.
“In our monotonous life, when we make vagabond excursions like this, we realize that life, in simple words, is good.” Somewhere, deep in his heart, Aakash was missing Sreya!!

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